Wes Montgomery Style: Final 2

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In the second of two final lessons we go back to the key of G minor and play an example in a swing feel. Memorize the chord progression written in the notation and notice how the lines we create are pulled from the chord tones and the G blues scale. Note the use of single-note lines, octaves, chords, and Wes power chords. Especially of note is the use of space between licks and phrases - it's not all about playing constantly and filling every available space with guitar.

First, listen several times to wrap your ear around the chord changes and licks that are played. Try to pick out and identify all the techniques used. Next, use your guitar to try and learn the example. Finally, check yourself using the tab as you master each lick and bring the example up to speed. Try to eventually play it with me in the video.

Hanspeter Kruesi
Instructor Hanspeter Kruesi
Wes Montgomery Style: Final 2 song notation
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Wes Montgomery Style: Final 2 By Hanspeter Kruesi

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