Wes Montgomery Style: Swing 2

In this lesson we will learn the importance of the blues scale over a jazz progression. Montgomery had a deep history of playing the blues over jazz and this is one way he approached that sound. Using the blues scale here doesn't necessarily outline the chord changes, but it creates a bluesy feel as the chord progression goes by. Notice that we also use notes from the blues scale with octaves and Wes Montgomery power chords. Doing this takes you away from the traditional blues sound and plants you firmly into the jazz realm of the blues.

Cm7 / F7 / Bbmaj7 / Ebmaj7

Am7b5 / D7alt / Gm7 / Gm7

Hanspeter Kruesi
Instructor Hanspeter Kruesi
Wes Montgomery Style: Swing 2 song notation
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Wes Montgomery Style: Swing 2 By Hanspeter Kruesi

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