Wes Montgomery Style: Latin 1

Wes Montgomery used a latin feel for many of the tunes he played. Playing over the latin feel requires a straighter (not swing) rhythm when you improvise. Even though the feel is different, the techniques he used were still the same. In this example, we still use octaves to outline the chord progression listed below. We will answer each of our octave lines with a small scale run that creates a nice, even phrase over the progression. Note the hammer-ons and pull-offs that make that run create a pull toward resolution. Here is the progression we'll use:

Am7 / Bm7b5 E7alt

Hanspeter Kruesi
Instructor Hanspeter Kruesi
Wes Montgomery Style: Latin 1 song notation
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Wes Montgomery Style: Latin 1 By Hanspeter Kruesi

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