Wes Montgomery Style: Swing 1

In this lesson we will look at a typical Wes Montgomery line using octaves. The key to making a melodic phrase is knowing the chord progression. First, learn the chord progression and the notes that compose each chord. Next, we create a line based on one particular note from each chord. When you play each note with an octave and with a little rhythm and space you end up with a nice Montgomery style jazz line. Here's the progression:

Cm7 / F7 / Bbmaj7 / Ebmaj7

Am7b5 / D7alt / Gm7 / Gm7

Hanspeter Kruesi
Instructor Hanspeter Kruesi
Wes Montgomery Style: Swing 1 song notation
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Wes Montgomery Style: Swing 1 By Hanspeter Kruesi

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