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Minor and Major Pentatonics

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So far we've mainly used our major pentatonic scale pattern as the basis for all of our soloing, and then we've thrown in tension notes to spice it up. Now it's time to explore how you can use a full scale pattern to add tension, and instead use single key notes from the major pentatonic pattern to resolve this tension. We'll be soloing over a chord progression in a major key, and the tense scale pattern will be the minor pentatonic.

We'll then look at how you can find your major pentatonic notes within that pattern, in order to resolve all the bluesy tension with a single note. Of course this only works if you're soloing over a major harmony. If you were soloing over a minor chord progression, all the minor notes will sound resolved and the major notes wouldn't work. Let's get started!

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Minor and Major Pentatonics