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In this tutorial we're going to study the guitar tone and playing style of the legendary guitarist Jimmy Page.

Page's guitar playing style and music has inspired many generations of guitarists. He wrote the book on how to play rock guitar. His writing and playing, especially in Led Zeppelin, covered a wide range of styles and dynamics. From the gritty, earthy blues covers, to the delicate acoustic pieces, to the titan riff rocking epics - Page did it all. He did a lot of it first and often better than anyone after!

We'll cover the fundamental aspects of his playing style in this tutorial so you can see, hear and understand how and why Jimmy Page is one of the most revered rock guitarists of all time.

This tutorial will cover his gear and tone, his single note bluesy rhythm riffing, blues solo licks, epic riffing, and acoustic playing. So let's check it out!

Mike Olekshy
Instructor Mike Olekshy

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