David Gilmour Style: Introduction

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In this tutorial we're gonna explore playing guitar in the style of the legendary David Gilmour. David Gilmour is one of my favorite guitar players, but it's almost wrong to call him a "guitar player". He uses the guitar as well as many other instruments to tell stories of war, rebellion, greed and many other topics - to paint pictures and create imaginary worlds.

He doesn't play "guitar on guitar" - the guitar is just a tool for him, and although the majority of his phrasing is based on rock'n roll and blues vocabulary, he really transcends his instrument much more than any other guitar player, in my opinion. And apart from all this, he is also a great singer and a songwriter, so keep in mind that we'll be looking at the tip of the iceberg today.

All that being said, it can be really really cool to understand how he produced some of those classic sounds like the the delay-based rhythm guitar, the ambient pedal and lap steel parts and how you can imitate them on your guitar, the funky and bare boned rhythm guitar and creative use of triads, his soulful and epic lead playing, his acoustic guitar playing, his gear and tone, and much more.

Anders Mouridsen
Instructor Anders Mouridsen

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