Makin' It Your Own

Once you master this basic blues lick, it's time to make some music with it. Some guitar players just play "one lick after another", and that gets boring for themselves and for the people listening. The lick is just a starting point and from there on you have to be playful with it, so that's what we'll work on in this lesson.

I'll show you some simple variation you can apply to this basic lick, then we'll trade fours over the backing track: I'll play this lick for 4 bars, then back you up while you play with "the band".

Anders Mouridsen
Instructor Anders Mouridsen
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Makin' It Your Own By Anders Mouridsen

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I just want to thank you. Great Lessons. 6 months ago
Josh Workman 6 months ago

Great! I'm passing this on to the Guitar Tricks staff.