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My practice routine is chaotic. I, like many people have lots of stuff coming at me all day long. Usually I sit down for a practice session at night but sometimes it's difficult to make strides because I'm usually exhausted. [br][br]Started getting into the habit of picking up a guitar during the day and just doing something. [br][br]At first it was whatever came to mind but a couple weeks ago I started doing something each day. One day I would do a picking exercise, the next try working through a riff, etc...

A couple days ago I was focusing on barre chords. I always had trouble with the full barre but it seems like I figured a something out where i am able to consistently land the shape and get good tone on all strings. This was a major struggle for me so being able to do this opens a door. [br][br]

Moral of the story is if you have a couple minutes pick up a guitar if possible. You might be in for a pleasant surprise.

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I'm guilty of having a quick practice of something or other during TV commercial breaks.....

I wish this forum had a "block user" feature. Possibly I'm not the only one......

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What's really cool is when your 5 minute practice turns into an hour. That means your hooked. Some of my best practices are the impromptu ones. [br][br][br]


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I've started doing this as well. I am like you Sour Note where I have a lot going on with work and family. I get in my practice time at night mainly but i sm starting to put a few minutes on it first thing in the morning before I head out the door. It really helps.

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