Nothing by the Kinks?!?!

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Seriously? Not a single song lesson by the Kinks?

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I observed that too when I went looking not long after I joined. Understandably given its provenance, Guitar Tricks has to date had a parochially US orientation, but perhaps it's now time to expand the outlook and repertoire?

Although the Van Halen version here is perhaps notable in being an example of how sometimes the original arrangment is best left alone just like the recipe for Crêpes Suzette, there's no truly ground breaking in its time Kinks version of "You Really Got Me" with its mesmerising riff relatively difficult as it is for for beginners or sexagenarians alike on the wrist to play sliding up down the neck so quickly as Dave did, nor its 'almost an echo' equally captivating "All Day And All Of The Night". Not even their relatively easy tempo and chords mega hits "Waterloo Sunset", "Sunny Afternoon" or later "Lola"?

Compare that with the list of just Creedence Clearwater Revival material alone here, although I'm certainly not complaining about it. Although again, where's one of JF's biggest hits from their albeit brief 1969 - '70 heyday, "Who'll Stop The Rain"?

Echoing a comment by another member elsewhere in the forum a couple of days ago, no Oasis either even if I will I'll happily pass on them, although from my perspective, a dearth of only THE most famous band in the world's early era Beatles material. Pretty awful to think I've had to go searching elsewhere for "You're Gonna' Lose That Girl" ('65 Help), "I'll Get You" ('63 B side of "She Loves You" -a double A really like "Revolution"/"Hey Jude" and so many others. And although kudos to GT & TF there is a Clapton Artist Study, just lovin' it and the Cale/Clapton "Cocaine" groove thanks Tom, and although do we have "Crossroads" (Tom) and "White Room" thanks Anders, missing is the legendary "Sunshine of Your Love". Seriously!? WTF!! Thanks JustinGuitar & others.

Time(ly opportunity) for the Guitar Tricks version of a 'British invasion'?

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I felt the same, the Kinks have so many interesting songs to learn, it's pretty odd not even one is available on the site... [br][br]Why not Muswell Hillbilly, Lola, 20th Century Man, Stranger or A Well Respected Man ?

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