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02/13/2023 10:03 am
#2 Originally Posted by: ChristopherSchlegel

Glad you enjoying GT & making progress with your guitar playing!

"I am not getting the sound I have noticed when Teacher Mike Olekshy teaches About a Girl."

This is difficult to assess without hearing the sound you are getting in order to compare it to the tone on the lessons.

Can you post a link to audio or video with audio of your tone playing the parts to the song?

Most of those songs use a pretty basic clean tone, then engage a basic distortion or overdrive pedal for the overdriven sections.  You might need to make sure your guitar is on the right pickups to match the tone.  Have you tried to set your amp for a basic clean tone, then get the gain from the DS-2?

Yes the guitar is set to bridge pickup

I can post a video no problem it is the clean tone part of the intro, to me the tone sounds different from what I hear on the video lesson but it is difficult to explain it. For this video I have to prepare it without backing track.

However I took a video when I begun learning about a girl I couldn't play the intro so well but I was so exited that I still made a public video, crrazy stuff but at least maybe you can get it from there.

The settings are

Clean tone with Madamp G3 Rock 3 Watts it's little Tube Amp self built

Gain to 3

Mids to 5

Bass to 5

Treble to 6

No effect pedal no chorus no distortion, the intro is not meant to have any distortion anyway maybe some chorus or little reverb

I will add a new private video for you, for the About a Girl - within few days, for the whole song that will include some chorus for the intro using Small Clone, and DS-2 for the second part of the song, but I believe the DS-2 distortion is too much for this song maybe?


Dave Mojo