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02/11/2023 10:18 am

Hi folks good weekend everrone

Hopefully i could get some good advise here.

First of all thanks to GuitarTricks my guitar playing level is absolutely to the next level. I have music expericne with Organ, Piano, Keyboards in a rock band contest since over 15 years now guitar is my last add in the last 2 years and since last 6 months amazing improvments looks like I unlocked the secrets of how to play. i am into rock, love Nirvana but we my band we always playd classic rocks that goes from Pink Floyd, to The Doors, Deep Purple.

Now since I have lernt 4 of the most famous Nirvana songs, About a Girl, Heart shaped box, Rape me, All Apologies.

My gear and my problem, and I think the issue is Amp related.

Electro Harmonix Small Clone

Boos DS-2 Distortion

Self-built Marshall Class 5 (With Bright Cap on Volume Pot) hope you guys knows what that means, but in easy terms compared with the original Marshall 5 the additional cap will produce a brighter sound. The rest is the same circuit as the original thing!

Guitar PRS SE 22 Hardtail from 2006

Kurt Cobain is known to have used the Small clone and DS-2 but hea was using a bunch of different guitars, probably Fender strats for the most and Les Paul and more...

I am not getting the sound I have noticed when Teacher Mike Olekshy teaches About a Girl.

I know Nirvan used tprobably use Mesa Boogie or Fender type Amp such 5E3 or other similar?

What would be the issue? My amp or my guitar. The sound I get is some what close you can perseive that I am soone trying to copy the sound but isn't that I would say I sound similar but different.

Any ideas since I have an intention to play with the band some Nirvana stuff and we never did that before so we are trying to figure all out.


Dave Mojo