What To Do With A New Guitar

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In this channel episode Gary will show you what to do with a new guitar! He will show you how to get the plastic wrap off, get it tuned up and get started playing and learning with Guitar Tricks.

Guitar Tricks has an online tuner, along with a bunch of other great tools in the Toolbox.

GT Toolbox

The best place to get started learning with Guitar Tricks is the Core Learning System. If you are an absolute beginner, then start with the Guitar Fundamentals 1 & 2 courses.

Guitar Fundamentals Courses and Beginner Lesson Links

If you are a more experienced player, then you can dive into the Style Courses: Blues, Country or Rock.

Styles Courses and Experienced Lesson Links

When you are ready to learn songs, Guitar Tricks has a huge library of song tutorials in many styles, at all skills levels.

Guitar Tricks Songs Catalog

Congratulations on your new guitar! Best of success with your guitar learning and playing!

Gary Heimbauer
Instructor Gary Heimbauer

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