Simple Right Hand Exercise

Again, we'll use no chords. We want to give your brain some "pure" Travis info so join me in this simple exercise designed to help you quickly build muscle memory in your right hand. You want to be able to pick it in your sleep!

Using no chords, we'll play 2 bars in the "low" position, 2 bars in the "middle" position, 2 bars in the "high" position, back for 2 bars in the "middle" position, then start over at the "bottom" on the "low" position.

Do this at a tempo you are able to execute smoothly. It's way better to start slowly and accurately, and make sure you stay in position! Keep breathing and do your best to stay relaxed, you want your picking to be effortless.

Caren Armstrong
Instructor Caren Armstrong
Simple Right Hand Exercise song notation