Rockabilly 101: Playalong

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One thing that's fun about playing in the rockabilly style is that you can pretty much interchange, or mix and match all the parts of this lesson. This playalong is an example of how I mix the two rhythm parts with our two rockabilly licks to give multiple possibilities.

This series on rockabilly guitar is designed to introduce you to the style, sound, tools and techniques. One thing I would like to also mention is the importance of training your ear. Most rockabilly guitarists will agree that having the right guitar amp and effects is important, but the real key will be to listen to great rockabilly guitar and know what sounds you are looking for. This is important for your tone and feel - something that is critically important to playing rockabilly.

Most of all, this is fun music to play, and you should be getting a bang out of it. If you're having fun playing rockabilly, people will have fun listening to you play it.

Jinx Jones
Instructor Jinx Jones
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Rockabilly 101: Playalong By Jinx Jones