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Guitar 1 is an acoustic guitar that strums throughout the song, while Guitar 2 is a crunch electric that adds a layer of melodic riffing, power chords, and a brief lead break.

You can use any acoustic guitar to play this song, but one with a brighter tone will help to cut through the mix better.

For Guitar 2, I’m using a Les Paul, but any electric guitar will be great. I’ve selected the bridge pickup to give a bright, crisp sound.

A Marshall tube amp is the best choice to replicate the electric tone in this tune. Dial in a crunch setting - for example, set the Preamp Gain to 75%, Bass to 45%, Mids to 60%, Treble to 60%, and Presence to 60%.

The electric uses a bit of room reverb to give some ambience to the parts.

Since we’re in standard tuning, I’m using regular light guage strings that are 10-46. I’m also using a heavy pick to dig into these riffs and licks.

For the acoustic I’m using a 11-52 string gage with a medium pick.

Marshall JCM 800 Model:
Drive: 75% Bass: 45% Mid: 60% Treb: 60% Presence: 60%
Reverb (Room):
WetDryMIX: 20%