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To Change the World: Guitar 1 Verses


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So guitar 1 is very much focusing on a boogie rhythm for the verses.
And we'll start on the 1 chord, B. But we play what looks like an open A power chord but it's actually a B, because of the Capo.

And we're sticking to the sort of old school feel here with the boogie rhythms. Notice that I'm slightly palm muting with my right hand here, to get the right snap in the rhythm. Also, really try to focus on the subdivisions of the hammer ons, make sure that they're tight and groovy.

And already here we're going to play 2 bars of 4 but then we add just a little bar of 2/4 before changing chords. Next we move on to the 4 chord, which is E, looks like an open D with the capo but is actually E.
and here we employ the same technique just keeping the groove going for 2 solid bars.

Then back to B again. But this time we play it for 4 solid bars and then a bar of 2/4.

Next we hit E again, repeat the same pattern as before, keeping the rhythm solid.

And for the turnaround, in true blues fashion we're going to employ our boogie rhythm over the 5 chord, F#, before going into the pre-chorus.

So as you can see it's some old school techniques with some new ideas and twists.

And even though those are the basics of the verses. It's very important to keep in mind that this song is very much jammed out and has a very live feel to it.

So there are naturally a bunch of extra little embellishments that occur as the song goes on.
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