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In the intro and throughout the verses, there is a subtle but really effective guitar part going on. This kind of funky, palm-muted guitar part is often referred to as a "bubble lick", and if you listen closely to
the album version of this song, you can hear that it's been recorded twice and panned to each side of the mix- a really cool production trick!

The "bubble" is created by picking is a very distinct, punchy way with ghost notes. Get in the groove by playing 16th notes steadily, as ghost notes. The lick here is very simple, it's just four diatonic notes: A, B, C#, and D. It's based in B minor, so you're playing the A note (the b7 of the B minor chord), to the root B, then to the 9 (or 2nd) which is C#, then to the minor 3rd (D).

This is another part where a consistent, repeating guitar part is going on in the upper harmony, while the bass and other chordal parts move underneath.
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