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Major Scale Intervals

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Our last example in our introduction to intervals in rock guitar lead playing are "sixths." Sixth intervals are almost unarguably the most often used interval shape in rock soloing and create a nice texture while also providing a variety of nice shapes. Like our other intervals, sixths can also account for great rhythm guitar parts and it's shapes are interchangeable in this regard. Like thirds and other intervals not covered in this section, sixths can be either major or minor. Our introduction here will show you shapes you have more than likely already been playing in your own musical universe.

Here is an introduction to sixths in the key of E major, showing each note in the scale and it's related interval.

E - C# (major sixth)
F# - D# (major sixth)
G# - E (minor sixth)
A - F# (major sixth)
B - G# (major sixth)
C# - A (minor sixth)
D# - B (minor sixth)

Let's take an E major scale pattern from Chapter 1 and now find the sixth intervals contained inside this scale pattern. Think you have it? Now try this example in the style of George Harrison.
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