Any chance of getting emojis?

Rumble Walrus
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Hi GT Forum developers -

This may have been brought up before, but might there be plans to add emojis to the forum? There's a lot of times I feel strongly about giving a "thumbs up" to comments and responses.

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john of MT
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Like these..?

[br] ... etc. Found in the 'bar' immediately above the pane used to compose thread posts. Specifically, they are "emoticons" not "emojis" and therefore, while there are more than a dozen there are no 'thumbs up.'

[br]As I have "brought up before", they aren't nearly as colorful or as expressive as the emoticon set previously used by GT. I saved them but pasting them to GT doesn't work easily/fluidly. I do; however, use the old GT emoticons in my other correspondence.

Bringing the old ones back is one of my long standing requests. But it doesn't address the request for emojis.

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Rumble Walrus
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Thanks for the response John.

I find often find myself craving a "thumbs up". I see so much good advice and observations that I'd like to directly recognize.

Perhaps we'll see it someday.

All the best!

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I had suggested last year that this Forum be moved to, or supplemented by, a Facebook Group. If you visit the Fender Play Facebook Group you can see the kind of activity that goes on there. More active and easier to use interface. Very easy to upload videos to show your playing or ask advice. That would get you your emojis and "likes". [br][br]

Guitar Tricks does have a Facebook page but we can't post to it. I think it would be great to turn it into a group. It could even be a closed group.


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