I'm Sick of the Capcha

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Capca; Capcha; Captca? Whatever it's called. I'm sick of having to identify how many buses or umbrellas there are.

I fully appreciate the need for security for the site. But I participate in other teaching sites and I don't need to go through the process at those sites.

If this continues as a necessity to log-in I'm not sure how much longer I'll be a member here. I paid for a year. I'm going to check when my membership renews.

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Yeah. It is a PIA. I disagree with how they decide what is right and wrong in the picture on the screen. They are wrong frequently.

Captcha is a total pain in the........

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Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear about the frustrations with the captcha. At the moment, it's a great way to deter bots and fradulent accounts and helps keep Guitartricks running with fewer problems. But I hear you! Hopefully you do not have to deal with it too much.



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Guys... consider this --

In the past two years I've tipped off to GT Admin a lot of spam messages posted to the Forum. The number is approaching 1000. In the past two months, there were only seven, in the past month just one. I'd say the troublesome security procedures are doing a pretty good job... there certainly has been a huge improvement.

Admin was virtually always quick to remove the garbage but I imagine they're as happy to see the big drop off as I am.

Keep up the good work, Guitar Tricks!


P.S. Ironically, I had to work my way through the security check by clicking on all the 'hills or mountains' to post this. Another three seconds of my life gone.

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