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Mike, Sorry but having a really hard time following your direction in "Who Do You Love". At 3:58 you say "2 DownStrokes" and then you play what seems like about 20 different strums. I just can't figure out your strumming pattern on this.

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First off, sorry the strumming approach for this song is a little confusing.

Click on the Notation tab, and in the first bar you'll see the downstroke/upstrokes for each strum.

Next, slow down the performance video to half speed (click on the cogwheel on the bottom right of the video panel, and select SPEED - 0.5x), watch the first 2 bars repeatedly, and match your strums to the notation.

Slowing it down should reveal how the strumming pattern should go. Essentially, you are using the downstrokes as steady palm-muted 8th notes, with some accented upstrokes in between (16th note accents).

Let me know how it goes


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